Athena Leva

The ancient art of coffee, lives today with Athena Leva again

The ancient art of coffee still lives in the Athena Leva, the espresso machine so beloved by espresso professionals. Its lever delivery system ensures a high level of customisation of the drink, but at the same time requires a high level of competence on the part of the barista.

The fulcrum between history and technology

Operating the Athena Leva is straightforward and intuitive and, given the simplicity of the movements and mechanisms, the machine is extremely durable.

The lever extraction system

The lever system of this professional coffee machine lets the barista modulate the pre-infusion manually for each delivery. When you lower the lever hot water from the boiler enters the group, wetting the coffee. The more the barista pulls the lever, the longer the pre-infusion phase. A good professional waits for the first drops of coffee to come out before lifting the lever; this means that water will have permeated all the coffee. For effective pre-infusion, the pressure of the water as it enters the group should not exceed 2 bars.

Technology meets the lever espresso machine

In typical lever espresso coffee machines the water that enters the group is straight from the boiler, which is well known to have a pressure of 1 to 1.2 bar, corresponding to 120-130° C. Basically it is the same water used to generate steam. Instead, in the Victoria Arduino Athena Leva, which uses heat exchangers (even though it is a lever machine), the water temperaturecan be controlled to optimize the quality of extracted coffee. In this case, for an excellent pre-infusion, a special pressure reducer reduces the pressure of the water supply, which is normally 4 to 6 bar. With these specifications, coffee extractions with the Athena Leva are particularly creamy and not burnt (as may happen with water at high temperatures).


Athena Leva, the beginnings

Victoria Arduino marketed its first lever machines at the end of World War II, in 1946. They were the WAT series of espresso machines, ancestors of the exquisite Athena Leva, the first of which was made in late sixties in Casorate Sempione (VA), Italy.
The materials used for the internal and external components make the espresso machine particularly exquisite. The bodywork, completely hammered by hand by expert craftsmen, is an expression of uniqueness and tradition that is also reflected in the final cup, a perfect espresso.


Versions Leva
Dimensions LxHxP mm 640x550x710 | inches 25 3/16”x 21 10/16”x27 15/16”
Power 3000W
Voltage 230 – 380V
Steam boiler capacity 15,2lt
Gross weight 70kg/154lb
Net weight 60kg/132lb


Versions Leva
Dimensions LxHxP mm 840x550x710 | inches 33 3/16”x 21 10/16”x27 15/16”
Power 5000W
Voltage 230 – 380V
Steam boiler capacity 22,8lt
Gross weight 85kg/187lb
Net weight 75kg/165lb