VA358 White Eagle

The Quality Machine

A new eagle is ready to spread its wings and land in all coffee shops that make quality and consistency their mission. It is called the VA358 White Eagle and is a new Victoria Arduino machine dedicated to specialty coffee.

When specialty coffee needs tall cups

Consistent, reliable, efficient. The VA358 White Eagle responds to the new specialty coffee shops needs, offering the possibility to use tall cups and glasses to serve their flavour experiences.


VA358 White Eagle, the beginnings

We are working in order to offer specialty coffee shops espresso machines able to be consistent, reliable and efficient. This was the result we wanted to get with the new product that we developed: its name is VA358 White Eagle and it is dedicated to coffee shops putting Quality at first.
We studied an espresso machine able to respond to specialty coffee shops new trends, and we made it with tall group too in order to use big cups and glasses. The VA358 White Eagle supports the relationship between the customer and the barista. Viglino, the designer, rebuilt eagle’s wings in a 51 centimeter-high product.


Version T3 – Digit
Dimensions WxHxD mm 825x510x660 |  inches 32 8/16”x 20 1/16” x 26 1/16”
Power 7600W (T3) | 4500W (Digit)
Voltage 208-240V 50-60Hz  |  380TRIF 50Hz
Steam boiler capacity 11,4lt
Coffee boiler capacity 0,7lt (T3)
Gross weight 90kg/198lb (T3) | 87kg/191lb (Digit)
Net weight 74kg/163lb (T3) | 71kg/156lb (Digit)


Version T3 – Digit
Dimensions WxHxD mm 1055x510x660 |  inches 41 8/16” x 20 1/16” x 26 1/16”
Power 9500W (T3) | 5200W (Digit)
Voltage 208-240V 50-60Hz  |  380TRIF 50Hz
Steam boiler 17,3lt
Coffee boiler 0,7lt (T3)
Gross weight 115kg/2537lb (T3)  | 111Kg/244lb (Digit)
Net weight 95kg/209lb (T3)  | 91Kg/200lb (Digit)